Thursday, January 31, 2008



Saturday, January 26, 2008

its a saturday.
nobodys home on a saturday.
i wonder what double u and little miss kental are doing.

u know what?
i miss my friends.
i think i shall organize a lil bbq thing next month.
i shall invite everybody who knows me
friends from secondary, ite, poly, and borders colleagues.
thats how much i miss them.

quizzes are next week.
im gonna flunk at least two of them.
oh please god please me not lazy.

my underpits are in need of a good scratching.

Monday, January 21, 2008

curse thee heavens for i have paid
a heavy price for the things ive said

Sunday, January 20, 2008

fuel. i need fuel. fuel for conversations. conversations. talking. topics. i wish i was in the center of the universe with a huge miked up telescope focused on this little gap between my nose and my chin. then maybe ill finally get an audience. the audience at youth park was fun. everybody ran on stage during force vomits encore. dancing and dancing the night away. but in the midst of it all. there she was. green. big round eyes. oh how joyful it was around to be her presence jumping around singing "dont give up. SITI dont give up!" the world could end just there and i would feel as though my objective in life is complete. oh my. i need that fuel.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

resolutions. is it too late? i dont think so. maybe i should just stop making resolutions seeing as how none of it is ever achieved. maybe i should just stop looking for love. maybe i should just stop school. maybe i should just go back to the army. maybe maybe i dont know. im reading a book called the gum thief. it is a really great piece of literature. maybe you all should read it. and maybe den we all could get lost in the maze of words that patronize this little white book. white is my favourite colour. white is the colour of the clouds. yes those evil things that float above us in the sky. i think somehow or other that theyre silently mocking us and toying with us. mother nature is so beautiful. i was thinking the other day that maybe maybe maybe if the world would stop spinning ill have my own time, hanging on to a piece of driftwood somewhere in the pacific ocean. and maybe den i would start appreciating whatever i have now. i need to read more books. books help me indulge in my favourite past time. daydreaming. i love dreaming of being lost. its like closing your eyes and listening to eisley. oh how i wish i was lost at sea. bats with butterfly wings flying over my head. i love that picture. i think im gonna sketch it out. im gonna call it..... lost? speaking of lost i hate losing my connection. this nadirah girl is nice enough to give me a good connection. hallo miss i hope i bump into you one day. maybe well be friends. maybe i would get nabbed by the police. maybe nothing would happen. thats the story of my life. nothing ever happens. i need something infinately interesting. incubus is coming. that would be great. i cant wait. i cant wait for my cough medicine to kick in. i love feeling drowsy. i love many things. but i dont feel loved. love doesnt exist. ive given up. maybe maybe maybe one day ill finally learn the meaning of it but for now the drugs are taking me somewhere. so i shall say goodbye. 2008. same shit. different year.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hello blog.

life is becoming more and more whatever.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ok kids for photos visit tornpaperwalls

as for the story of my life?
will update soon.